Quick Entry Quick Reporting

When your clerks are swamped with high case loads, and the lines at the window are getting longer, you want a responsive system at your fingertips. 

Class ACT provides clerks with multiple methods of case entry. Departments can either enter shell cases, or simple two-party cases, or massive multi-party cases. Class ACT focuses on expediency of entry. 

Neither your clients nor your staff enjoy waiting long periods for reports to be ready for printing. Neither will have to with our high-speed, hybrid reporting system. Can you imagine waiting a mere 15 seconds or less for a 170-page report to be ready? 

How we achieve it

Class ACT uses a tiered approach to its reporting services. Demanding reports are implemented in .NET and are requested from a web server. This approach frees up the dedicated database server from having to be responsible for the heavy processing of potentially-lengthy reports such as Register of Actions reports.