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Class Act Debuts the Latest .Net Technology for Courts

CTC 2009 Conference in Denver, CO

Sep 22, 2009, Denver, CO - Advanced Technologies today announced the new Class Act v3.5 for the Web at the CTC 2009 conference in Denver, Colorado. Class Act v3.5 is engineered to use Web technology for speed, security and ease of use. Class Act for Web is faster than before, offering users a whole new range of features to improve their data processing experience. Among the many new features are support for .NET, Windows 2003/2008 Servers, and web reporting sub-system.

This is also the first time users are able to test the optimizations of scaling and fast production on low cost-low bandwidth lines.

"We are able to take advantage of the newer Web technologies to take the best of Windows and move it to the Web" says Ron Johnson, CEO, Advanced Technologies. "We are happy to be able to say that Class Act v3.5 does just that. We have greatly improved our feature set, user interface, and increased the speed on low bandwidth lines." 

Speed is everything and Class Act performs faster than ever before. The product has been improved with support for .NET, Ajax, Windows 2003 and Web services. 

"I am very proud of all our developers who have managed to add a host of new features and implemented the web support, while actually optimizing the bandwidth of the program," says Bob Martin, Product Manager, Advanced Technologies. "We have thoroughly optimized for the Web making it noticeably more efficient." 

features in Class Act include:

New core engine

Class Act's new modular engine supports .NET, Windows 2003 server.  It is faster, more efficient and can easily handle low bandwidth WAN connections. 

New efficient reporting

Class Act's new reporting is so powerful and efficient that it runs over slow WAN lines.  This is important for remote Court locations or hosted scenarios. By using .NET on the server, report processing happens on the server reducing network traffic and speeding process time. Innovative features such as property-based server assignment allows administrators to manage server load and response time. 


Class Act continues its commitment to industry standards. Class Act for v3.5  supports the following technologies: 3DES encryption, SSL, XML, MS .NET v3.5 , MS SQL Server 2005/2008, ASP.NET Ajax.


Class Act v3.5 is available now. Please contact us for details.

Advanced Technologies

Advanced Technologies, developer of Class Act, is a leader in the innovative development of Court software technology. The Class Act product has received wide recognition from users, and industry experts for being fast, efficient and feature rich. Class Act's technology using industry standards provides the best value while leveraging mature platforms for deployment.

Advanced Technologies' Court Solutions enhances the way Courthouse administrators communicate and process data.  Class Act streamlines repetitive tasks, maximizes efficiencies and organizes complex information into useful data.  By streamlining the data flow, Class Act is able to help the Court office save time, and time is money.