Why use Class Act? (See Highlighted Features)

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Classact gets the attention of power users...

Fewer steps
To open a case other packages have up to nine steps required.  We have numerous shortcuts for opening or creating new cases. 

Great Calendaring
Schedule dates between departments, be notified of conflicts, overbooking, judge vacations, etc.  We also have calculators to simplify the task of selecting hearing dates; this can even be done automatically on creating new cases. 

Name Search (Dot Searching)
Search by dba, aliases, or by using their contact information; You can even search for parties phonetically.  When searching for attorneys or judges, you can even use our unique Dot Searching feature. 

Case Life Cycle (CLiC)
Case statuses are indicated with icons and colors.  This enables the user to quickly identify where a case is in its life cycle.  Lots of color coding to indicate consolidations, disposed, confidential, plaintiff/defendant, unpaid/overdue statuses. 

Money Management
Very thorough financial case management system; support for cash, checks and monies collected for cases and sundry items. No more double entering cases in two separate packages!  Numerous reports allow you to perform self-audits daily or weekly.  

Ad Hoc Reporting
Determine case counts using various criteria and groupings. Supports DCM administration. Valuable for Court personnel and public!  You no longer have to depend on your IT staff to generate lengthy SQL statements to create your simple Ad Hoc reports. 

Attorney Screen
Includes the attorney history of parties listed.  Parties can be set to be their own attorneys.  Attorneys can be assigned or deassigned at any time. 

Full support for consolidated cases (only manage main case, reports show all cases, etc)

Judge Calendaring and Notes Features
Each judge can view their calendars, blackout dates, workload.  Judges also have a separate notes section visible only to them. 

Internal Messaging System
Send a message to courtroom clerk when court is in session...this is only available in our Windows version. 

Prints Envelopes
Postnet printing feature minimizes cost and speeds up mailing process. Also prints bar coded envelopes. 

Automatic Case number generation
Important to reduce error of duplication.  We have various ways of initiating cases and each method will create numbers from the same pool.  In the event that a conflict arises, we also have a Case Rename (Number reassignment) feature to address these rare occurences. 

Notice generation
Flexible, streamlines and supports free form creation of form templates.  Our notices are built on templates; creating new notices is a matter of putting the template pieces together. 

File Linking feature
Parties name and users are able to link the parties with existing filed cases. Helps reduce errors and duplications.   After all, Class Act runs in a web browser.  Hyperlinking between cases, parties, attorneys, etc make navigation easier. 

Sort, Group, Find
Our grids allow your users to easily sort, group and find records.  When dealing with numerous records in a given case, finding the correct record efficiently is crucial. 

Built-in Calculator
Class Act has multiple calculators for determining dates so your clerks don't have to count days on their desk calendars. 

Judicial Council, State and Internal Reports
Accurate and flexible presentation quality reports.  Reporting to the State is easy and automatic. 

Management likes it because we've chosen the best...

Conversion method
Installation is a breeze and the learning curve is greatly reduced. Convert to Class Act without having to re-enter each case in. Class Act can use your current data (We'll convert it for you!).

Computer Platform
PC Windows based point & click technology. EASY and SECURE! 

Browser Support
No need to upgrade existing hardware or software.  Current infrastructure supports web browsing. 

Support system
using on-line support technology. With Web support you get state of the art support: FAQ's, redundancy, backup, DBA, etc.

Properly Safeguarded
Password protection allows only verified deputies.  Rights and privileges assigned to each deputy ensures that only certain clerks have access to features that pertain to them. 

Tech Staff will enjoy peace of mind with Class Act...

Web and Windows Based
Use any current browser to get Internet type power and ease of use,
OR full 32 bit Windows, easy to learn, fast to operate.

Mode of data transportation and communication
ADO/MS SQL Server, XML/ADO.NET over the Internet. 

Support system
using on-line support technology. Users enter issues online that go directly to support personnel. Each client is assigned a manager with direct lines when a human voice is needed - you have it.

Software Design
The new Microsoft .NET platform is a standard that allows more robust code and reliable operation.

Group of Services offered by us
Software Development , Hardware, Internet, Web Page Design, hosting. At the core of the solution are application developers that enjoy what they do. Call us if you have related projects to accomplish. Our hosting service and be a turnkey one stop solution providing hardware and software that can be up and running in a fraction of the time to deploy on site. Also a good transition method until installed on site. 

Numerous features can be enabled or disabled for privileged users. Reports can be created by your staff. Third party products can use our Web services to hook into the system - all without action by us. We can also customize the code base to your requests. Sky's the limit.

Enterprise Database
Enterprise features like replication, mirrored servers, and failover are covered. User SQL server or Oracle. 

Dedicated Reporting
Our reporting engine was built with the expectation that it will be heavily used.  We designed the engine so that it can run on a separate server distributing the loads on your servers.  We also used industry standards for viewing, exporting, and taking snapshots for your archives.