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Advanced Technologies is on the forefront of global computer technology in Web and Windows based software solutions providing both turnkey and custom solutions. Our goal is to integrate our customer’s business strategies with state of the art software to create enterprise wide solutions and growth by producing the world’s finest open architecture software. We believe the best solutions are those, that fully exploit open systems for maximum flexibility and growth while preserving your investment in the future.

Software is designed by incorporating:

  • State of the art platforms and programming methods: We follow Microsoft standards such as .NET, ASP.NET and C# for coding so you don't get stuck with obsolete code that other programmers can't read.
  • Effective development platforms: Its important to use a mature platform and tools with a large base to get the support and information needed to keep development on track.
  • Software Design Goals: What we develop must be easy to learn and use, it must increase client effectiveness and reduce operational steps, it must allow for future changes, and it must utilize open systems so our customers are not stuck with proprietary issues.


Over 20 years of experience at providing software solutions help us tie together critical variables for the end user. By integrating knowledge of the overall process, a full range of development options with hands on experience we have established an enviable track record. Software solutions for many Fortune 500 companies world wide have brought rave revues about our level of expertise and support.

Our special emphasis is on PC based solutions which regularly interact with many different environments. The PC's explosive growth in power and speed, excellent design tools and relatively low cost make them an exceptional choice for enterprise-wide system solutions, change management and continued growth.

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